Sustainable production processes of our certified organic clothing from harvest to product

Mission: sustainable and fair clothing

Our mission is to produce high quality and contemporary clothing in the most responsible and ethical way possible. In our work, we place great importance on the careful selection of our business partners, the manufacturing methods as well as the materials used.

100% organic cotton and recycled material

The cotton is sourced from India and goes through several stages from harvesting to the finished garment. It is especially important to us that neither people, animals nor the environment are harmed, which is why only 100% GOTS certified cotton, recycled polyester from China and sustainable materials such as Modal® are used. (More information)


Our collaborative partners are certified by several independent bodies to various standards that demonstrate they are built on healthy environmental practices and great respect for our earth. These include the aforementioned Global Organic Textile Standard, Organic Content Standard, Peta Vegan and Global Recycled Standard. Our business partner is listed among the top 16 leading sustainable material sourcing brands in the world. (More information)

Safe and decent work

For production, the company works closely with the Fair Wear Foundation (FWF) as well as Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). For this, through various processes, decent and fair working conditions are ensured through an internal code of conduct, monthly reports are prepared and daily visits to partner factories are undertaken. In addition, our partners provide food at fair prices, recycle fabric waste, and co-finance electric bicycles for employees. (Learn more)

Awareness of environmental impacts

At the manufacturing stage, extensive data is collected from the entire supply chain to better understand and reduce environmental impacts. Our partners' factories are equipped with state-of-the-art wastewater treatment facilities to filter and then remove toxic elements from the water so it can be treated and reused. (More information)

Acting responsibly for producers and consumers

Economic activity is always associated with interventions in nature and the environment, which is why it is all the more important for Phaedera to act responsibly in order to shape a future worth living together. Even the smallest improvements in the work steps and processes of the company quickly add up and hold a high savings potential in the long term. Continuous development of all processes in terms of environmental performance and health is Phaedera's greatest maxim. Therefore, we work with our employees and customers to achieve this vision together.

Phaedera is committed to sustainability and environmental protection

To continuously drive this forward, Phaedera has implemented its own environmental protection management system in its production and sourcing processes. Currently, work is underway on transparency and traceability to ensure even better service.

Continuously improve environmental performance

Our maxim is to avoid the harmful effects for people and the environment and to obtain the best possible certifications confirming compliance with the obligations related to the respective requirements. External assessors verify compliance and commitments to the requirements for production.

CO2 neutral shipping

Phaedera is pioneering its own CO2 compensation program for all shipments regardless of the carrier. We hope to set an example with this voluntary measure, proving that online commerce and climate protection are not mutually exclusive.

Through our 100% climate-neutral shipping, you automatically contribute to climate and environmental protection when you order from us.

Climate protection without additional costs for our customers

Through various projects at home and abroad, thanks to established procedures, a balance can be created and the amount of CO2 emitted can be compensated.


Emissions of CO2 are to be avoided and/or compensated for, taking into account technical and economic possibilities.

Reduction of waste volumes is elementary during production, distribution and all other processes. Of course, we follow a strict waste separation and have some materials recycled and upcycled by cooperation partners.

The economical use of electricity, water and other resources is taken to heart in all work processes and constantly developed further.

Environmentally compatible raw materials and operating materials are to be used wherever possible and the proportion of these constantly expanded. With the products on complete Kompostierbarkeit and large durability are particularly attached importance. More solid natural materials are constantly sought, as well as energy-saving and environmentally friendly items produced from durable materials.

Our goal is to use art to make people think, to become a medium and catalyst in the transformation process.

The environmental standards of Phaedera are regularly checked in-house on our own responsibility.

Social commitment is achieved through donations to various non-profit associations, which are selected according to the greatest possible value for the community, with a focus on climate, environment and health. Gladly your associations are also included, if they share our values!

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