China's Environmental Awareness

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China's Environmental Awareness

As one of the largest producers of plastic, accounting for about one-third of global production and its billion-strong population, the change of heart is a big step toward a more sustainable future for China. Since the Chinese consume a lot of plastic and little is recycled, the plastic pollutes the landscape and often ends up in the sea.

After banning the import of plastic waste, China has now also drawn up a plan for the coming years, in which a ban and plastic bags, straws and cutlery is planned. In particular, plastic bags from supermarkets and disposable products for hotels and restaurants are to be replaced. Within the next five years, according to the State Development and Reform Commission (NDRC), this plan is to be completed.

From as early as the end of 2020, plastic bags are no longer to be issued in stores in major metropolitan areas. By 2022, this ban is then to be expanded to smaller cities. Plastic straws will also be banned as early as 2020. The regulations for hotels stipulate that they may no longer offer their customers plastic toothbrushes and combs, and that soap will be provided in refillable containers. Courier services will also be banned from using woven plastic bags in the future.

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